My Dream Jolla Mobile Handset: With Detachable Modular Slide Out QWERTY

Image slightly edited from original and design used with courtesy of original Nokia N9-01 concept design by the bootroo. Check out more great MeeGo concept phones at mynokiablog.

They say we can dream and here is my dream for a Jolla Mobile with MeeGo OS…


  • Aesthetics: sexy, minimal design with high quality materials but with respect to the environment.  See N9 or other high end Nokia products (E7 perhaps?) for inspiration.
  • Killer feature: Modular removable qwerty keyboard (can be sold separately) offers the best of both worlds.  Lightweight when you need it to be without keyboard or attach the fully integratated keyboard for a full powerhouse experience (ie. connects direct to mobile so power source is shared and keyboard functionality is integrated (not Bluetooth)).  This modular keyboard design will open markets to both consumer and business markets this way, but benefiting Jolla by only having to release one device.  Editors note: Business users are also consumers at the end of the day and like to be able to use a sexy device sans keyboard on their days off!  Also this ties in with Jolla’s strategy to release both a consumer phone and developer phone.  Consumer phone can be locked on release but with the ability for developers to unlock (like with Nokia N9) and of course add keyboard.

“Jolla is going to release a developer edition of the device which gives full access to linux hackers and technology enthusiasts. Jolla will fully support the communities and be part of them, and wants them to be part of creating and developing our device,” the spokeswoman confirmed.  Courtesy of: ibtimes

  • Decent camera with good OEM lense.  At least 8 megapixel and able to take nice macro/lowlight shots while also benefiting from a few manual controls as well.  A few ‘leaves’ out of the legendary Nokia+Carl Zeiss partnership wouldn’t go amiss here.  Ability to take HD video as well of course.  Dedicated camera button an extra plus.  Good flash integrated with unlock slider to turn on flashlight.
  • Limit buttons to: volume rocker, camera button, lock button/slider (hold button/slider to turn on flashlight), discrete home screen button under or on screen.  Homescreen button not necessary if UI is more of a swipe style UI.
  • Standard connections: Headphone jack, HDMI port, usb port (charging/host)
  • Storage: 16gb, 32gb and 64gb options or at least 16gb and 64gb initially.  All expandable with micro SD.
  • Processor:  The perfect combination of balance when it comes to battery life and performance.  At a wild guess around the 1-1.2ghz dual core.  Nokia really have fallen behind in this dept. on one side I agree having the latest penta core processor is not entirely necessary, on the other hand a 680mhz processor on your flagship business phone (E7) released in 2011 is very short sighted.  Jolla take heed and learn from big brother’s mistakes!
  • RAM:  At least 1gb for decent multi-tasking
  • Connectivity: FM transmitter (do not underestimate this – it is an amazing feature for projecting music/audio to any radio first used in the Nokia N900)/receiver inbuilt; Latest bluetooth technology; Pentaband if possible; latest WIFI protocol; 4G
  • Battery:  Ideally removable 1500mah-1800mah li-ion but must balance size/looks with battery performance to find best form/function ratio.  If not fully removable, the ability at least (with the right tools) to get in and replace the battery is a must – see Nokia N9 Youtube video on replacing battery as reference point:


  • Naturally MeeGo 1.2 but not standard user interface – use Harmattan for inspiration, but with more customisation as seen in Maemo 5.   The more customisation possible the better (within reason).
  • Android apps compatibility.  Possibility to download and run android apps using something like Openmobile ACL?
  • App store integration for MeeGo based apps
  • IM integration (Skype, FB, Google Chat, MSN etc etc).  Like Nokia N9, IM messages are integrated with the standard SMS threads with the ability to hide/show any individually or all together.
  • Ability to add home screens if desired with customisable themes.
  • If possible, some integration with Nokia services like Drive, Maps etc or at least some equivalent alternative services.  This will make transition to Jolla for current Nokia users much easier.
  • All the out of the box widgets you would expect on Android/IOS phone like weather, email, twitter, fb etc
  • Seamless contact syncing
  • Some kind of office service pack for reading/writing documents – is there an Openoffice (Linux) app for mobiles ?  If not then an MS based or other package.
  • Latest flash support a bonus but unlikely due to previous indicators to HTML5 in the Mer projectPlease bear in mind that this is not a full comprehensive list of every single feature (I’d need to write a book the size of the bible for that!)… obviously I would expect the handset to be on a par with the latest high-end android/ios counterparts in terms of functionality.  These are merely features which I’d like to highlight as perhaps setting the new Jolla Mobile device apart from the competition.

    The key to my dream Jolla is a one-device-does-it-all.   This will make it easy to appeal to the mass-consumer with a locked down keyboardless handset, the business-type with the option of adding the modular keyboard, and the developer with the option of opening up the OS with a key provided and of course the ability to add the modular keyboard for heavy programming.

    Jolla may not have many chances in the overcrowded smartphone arena, so to create the most number of market opportunities (ie. modular, flexible device) and to get the device ‘right’ first time is absolutely key.   The inclusion of something like Openmobile ACl will also be key in the App arena and in order to create the biggest appeal to consumers.

    Also don’t underestimate wacky extras like the FM transmitter – this is a priceless feature and if like me you store music on your phone, you won’t want to be without it…. that and I just like showing off to my friends!

    Anyway, let me know what you think – did  I forget something on the must-have specs or do you agree/disagree with some/all of this post ?

    As ever, thanks for reading!