Jolla: The Next Big Thing in Smartphone Innovation ?

Jolla have taken the mobile phone world by storm with their announcements and if words alone are anything to go by, they will be the next big thing.  But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at the teams previous innovative work with their wonderful open source fluid operating systems (N9 Meego OS or N900 Maemo) and a handset which will no doubt be distinct from all the other copycat look-a-likes out there.

Nokia N9: a taste of things to come from Jolla.

Let’s face it, everyone’s sick of the technological watered down norm in the mobile phone world, which include oversold, dull, generic, clunky (in terms of OS), resource draining Android  handsets (yawn yawn) lead by the copy-cat Brigade (see Samsung; HTC) – for godsake do something original and unique instead of copying Apple (Vs. Samsung) or Nokia (Vs. HTC) designs!!

HTC 8X series: Using the same polycarbonate casing and colours, looks very similar to new Nokia Lumia 920/820 and the Lumias forebearer: Nokia N9 which the Jolla team stemmed from.

Samsung Galaxy Ace: Obvious IPhone Clone

Then there is the other camp: the Apple worshipping consumers who worship Iphone as a demi-God, treating Apple like some religious technology Cult (see this recent video for confirmation of the blind worship I speak of: tipped by mynokiablog).  I’m not against Apple or the IPhone per se, only the fact that there are many other great innovative products out there which always seem to get overshadowed even though they may be more innovative which is a real shame.

Iphone 5: Latest iteration lacks innovation but still has cult-like following !?

Nokia are supposed to be our saviours from all this lunacy, but with them seemingly cutting all ties with Symbian/Maemo/MeeGo/Meltemi and with their full attention on Windows Phone 8 now it seems like there is little hope of a new ecosystem any time soon (I must say on a side note, I am loving the look of the lumia 920 and 820 and at least Nokia are still pushing innovation with some truly amazing imaging technology (Pureview) amongst many other things).

Nokia Lumia 920/820: Show great promise with many new innovations.

Enter Jolla: a fresh face in amidst the chaotic and over saturated smartphone market.   Daring to be different, a small company who are moving forward to great things without the clutter and baggage of these huge multinationals.   A finely tuned team of specialists, software developers, engineers, designers,  who are looking to achieve just one thing:  to bring their unique breed of open source software and hardware to a whole new level beyond the norm.

Prepare to be blown away, prepare to be seduced and have your cash at the ready because when you see what is coming, you will not want to be without it and trust me, no-one will….