Nokia: Caught between Elop and a hard place ?


I don’t tend to write exclusively about Nokia much but as there is the prior link with Maemo, MeeGo and of course now Jolla (ex-employees), I sometimes feel inclined when the mood takes.

Nokia for me (and I’m sure many other Europeans + of course the rest of the world) have always had my money with barely a second thought since way back in the 90′s when the mobile revolution really began to kick start.

Over the past 20 years, I have owned almost 10 different Nokia handsets including the N9, N900, N8, E7 and a whole bunch of earlier feature phones.  I’ve also tried motorola (that was a mistake), HTC, Sony Ericcson, but have always come back to Nokia inevitably.

So you could say I am brand loyal on the whole, but TBH, I’m not really that kind of person – I just tend to go for the best product that fits my needs at the time and also with due consideration to innovation, design and to the ethics of the company – for which Nokia have always been fairly consistent in all departments.

I then started thinking to myself, what other company have I staked that much single investment into (ie. circa 10 products), and the answer is there is no other company that I have truly felt inclined to be this loyal to EVER.  Oh and before you ask, no I do not have shares invested with Nokia!

So I’m pondering on the fact there must be thousands and thousands of others like me who have spent a lot of money in the past decades largely on Nokia products for the very same reasons I did, and if this is the case, why have Nokia been facing such dire straits in recent years ?

This question, for some reason, is incredibly intriguing to me.

So what happened to Nokia that has left them in such dire straits in the past few years?  Is it fair to blame Stephen Elop (Elop effect) as some other commentators like to, or perhaps Elop is being unfairly picked out as a scape goat  – what do you think ?  Moreso, had the company (back when the original iPhone was released) become too complacent with their position at the top of the mobile phone industry and so blindly assumed they would prevail in the face of – the then – rapidly advancing Apple and Google ?   Whatever you may feel, the clear answer at the time was perhaps Nokia just didn’t see what was coming and maybe no-one did.

So now, almost a year on from when the original WP7.5 Lumia series were released, will Nokia be able to turn a corner and make a comeback to reach the top again ?  The new WP8 Lumia’s are certainly looking the part and seem to be miles ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and design, but have Nokia done enough to secure their future this time?

The thing is, as much as I have been perplexed, and sometimes extremely frustrated by Nokia’s decisions over the past few years, I cannot will not accept a world without them.

Nokia have always been there and have always produced some of the best products for as long as I can remember.   A world without Nokia would be a worse off place as far as I’m concerned.   Furthermore, I will not accept a technological world dominated by the bland and tacky designs of copycat companies like Samsung.   Nokia have always been ahead in innovation and to accept that these other companies will be the future face of mobile technology is just something I will not.

Long live Nokia!


Thanks for reading, and I’d love to hear if you share my thoughts or have some alternative theories… 🙂