Unofficial Jolla Twitter Accounts

It has come to light recently that there have been many new unofficial Jolla Twitter accounts appearing in the last few weeks for each country variant, using ‘Jolla(insert country code) as their account name.

While 99.9% of them appear to be acting in good faith and it’s very nice for spreading more Jolla awareness, at least one so far has reported false information recently.

The only official Jolla twitter account can be found here:

Of course follow the other twitter accounts as you see fit and it definitely makes sense to follow your country variant for Jolla information, tweets and discussion in your own language.

We at JollaTides are also ‘unofficial’ in this way, but never knowingly publish false information.   We do of course speculate/make predictions and like to encourage posts like this for discussion, but we always state clearly if that is the case.  Any speculative articles we make try to always maintain an element of realism but of course are hypothetical unless stated otherwise.

We do of course write many official articles based on official information, interviews, graphical analysis etc straight from the horses mouth (ie.Jolla) whenever we can so you get a nice balance for discussion.

Finally, it is really great to see so many new Jolla fans starting up Fansites/twitter accounts and helping spread the good word about Jolla. 🙂