Jolla’s CEO to present a keynote at MWC 2013 = the year of UNLIKE

Well it comes via mynokiablog, and gives us great big gallons of Jolla joy that Marc Dillon (Jolla CEO) will be making a keynote speech (alongside Elop) at this years MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2013.

MWC is THE single biggest event in the mobile handset calendar to be held in Barcelona 25-28 February this year.

Just visit the MWC website for further information and you will find the keynote speakers on this page:

Via the link above, here is a snapshot of our favourite CEO Marc Dillon (TOP MIDDLE):

Marc Dillon to speak at MWC 2013

Marc Dillon to speak at MWC 2013


So now the anticipation begins all over again… what will Jolla be announcing at MWC 2013?  Their new groundbreakingly amazing device ?  More innovations on Sailfish ?  Some amazing partnerships (maybe with Nokia as Elop is also there afterall).  Or maybe something no-one has ever even dreamed of = UNLIKE ?

Let’s start the speculation here…. (can you tell I’m excited!!)

MWC 2013 = UNLIKE anything that has ever happened before 🙂