PHONEARENA: Poll for best looking smartphone designs

This may be of interest to Jolla and Jolla fans alike considering the manufacturing partnerships that will come in due course for the Sailfish OS.

The poll from Phone Arena asks which handset maker comes out with the best designs and the poll options are:  Nokia; HTC; Sony; Apple; Samsung; Blackberry and LG.

It seems that quite rightly so, Nokia are currently leading the pack in the design stakes followed by Sony and HTC which to me sounds about right although I was surprised that Apple are so far down the list – perhaps because they haven’t deviated too much from the original iPhone design in recent years.

It also seems that the author is rather impressed by the new HTC one’s all aluminium unibody design and is slightly dismissive of Nokia’s use of plastic:

And finally, there is Nokia, with its colorful plastic Lumia smartphones that are fun with their vibrant reds, yellows and blues. But just as Samsung, Nokia is on the side of the fence preferring plastic to the intricacies of aluminum.

This is ironic really considering Nokia has used metal bodies aplenty in the past with phones like the N8; E7 and let’s face it, there’s plastic and then there is the solid polycarbonate that Nokia use in the N9 and Lumia range similar to the polycarbonate found in ice hockey helmets which is probably tougher than most thin aluminium cases you’d find on the likes of the HTC one.

The poll will be interesting to see and I think will be rather telling and certainly a good one for Jolla’s market research when considering the design of their own Sailfish based handset.

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