New Sailfish UI Demo MWC 2013

Via MyNokiaBlog Via PocketNow

Anyone been actively following MWC 2013 this week ?

Well, Jolla’s Sailors have been doing the rounds and in advance of Mark Dillon’s keynote which was this morning, here is a nice new demo of the Sailfish UI with Jolla CTO Stefano Mosconi:

There are a few new features shown in the video that we haven’t seen before including an integrated notifications centre and look at the camera UI with further illustrations on sharing photos from the gallery to eg. facebook/twitter.

The UI here is again demoed on the N950 and Stefano is quick to point out that it is an old device so of course won’t look a smooth as it would on a top of the range spec Jolla phone. 😉

All in all a very nice demo showing a bit more of what Sailfish has to offer – what do you think ?