Sailfish, Ubuntu, and Firefox Panel Discussion: MWC 2013

Via MeeGo Experts

It’s been a busy week/day for Jolla @ MWC 2013 and in this full length video from MeeGo Experts we see an impassioned Marc Dillon take to the stage with a panel of open source platform advocators including Mitchell Baker (Mozilla) and Mark Shuttleworth (Canonical).

Marc really seems charged up in the discussion, almost chomping at the bit to get Sailfish out there, and it’s great to see such a passionate CEO so full of belief leading the way.


Phew, just watched the entire discussion and there were some interesting points made by all. I found it particularly interesting to hear each company’s vision in relation to the other.

Both Sailfish and Ubuntu appear on a similar level when it comes to the application ecosystem with Mozilla stubbornly throwing all their eggs into the web-based HTML app ecosystem.

In terms of unique rich user experience, I really can’t see how at this stage HTML is the single answer (maybe in a few years time though when there is more collaboration, a unified environment and when the OS has had time to become a household name).

I love Mozilla and what they’ve done past and present and you have to admire them for taking an innovative no holds stance, but both Jolla and Canonical seem to have much better visions for the current state of affairs in the mobile app ecosystem or is it just me ?