Another Change Of Tack For Jolla: Dillon Out Tomi In

In a similar move to what we saw in the latter half of 2012, Jolla have changed tack once again (ever evolving = Unlike) by moving Dillon from the CEO hot spot and bringing in the business brain of one Tomi Pienimaki to steer the ship onwards from the 6th May according to Engadget.

New CEO Tomi, who as we can gather from the original article, is an investor and sibling to co-founder Sami, looks to be well equipped to take the Jolla ship forward with imminent handset reveals set for later this month.

Ex-Nokian Dillon was originally moved into the CEO position to see the handset development through to its final stages and now that this has been completed it makes sense for Jolla to let the next expert in said field (ie. bringing the new phone to market and establishing more partnerships), Tomi Pienimaki to take over from where Dillon left off.

But don’t worry – Marc Dillon, like Jussi before him hasn’t travelled very far in Jolla land and has been moved to the position of Head Of Software Development where he can continue to work his magic where it really counts.

Both Jussi Hurmola and Marc Dillon have been impressive as CEO’s for Jolla at the right times in Jolla’s evolution so let’s look forward to the next phase with Tomi now that the main sails are set.

On a side note if we were to have a CEO showdown, Pienimaki VS. Elop, I can tell you Tomi’s Finnish credentials and (Alpha male) jaw line alone would have Elop quivering in his (Nokia branded) ‘boots’ (do you see what I did there?).

Full steam ahead… 🙂