JolKia: Two Halves Meet ?

Jolkia: Your Other Half

Jolkia: The Other Half?

Inspired by one of our readers, I thought it would be quite fitting to make a tribute to a Jolla/Nokia ‘other half’ logo and discuss further the likelihood of a potential future Jolla/Nokia partnership.

We all know that at this point Nokia’s stubborn one horse race/all eggs in one basket approach is keeping the company currently focussed on a Windows Phone strategy to the point that they have now clearly made the brand their own with their striking Lumia range.   This is a good thing for Nokia particularly with the likes of Samsung, HTC and Huawei biting at their heels for a piece of the WP pie but have they done enough to secure their future?

While things have been looking up a little bit with Nokia recently overtaking Blackberry in smartphone shipments, the increase in market share to 3.2% is still a far cry when facing an +90% Apple/Android dominated market.    Judging by market share alone, it would seem that Nokia still have a very long way to go if they are going to start competing with the big boys.

With this in mind I pose the questions, would it be beneficial for Nokia to branch out a little and start building a plan B or is it more likely that with Elops very single minded/no plan B mentality we should rule out a possible partnership between Jolla and Nokia altogether?

As I’ve discussed previously on this blog, I feel the two companies pairing together would really make a perfect match – Jolla’s robust, slick Sailfish OS complemented by some sweet Nokia hardware would definitely have my vote without question.

I’ve also discussed before in great depth the benefits of such a partnership between the two companies, of which I feel there are many, but in reality could this kind of pairing ever feasibly happen ?

Nokia’s shareholders are getting decidedly impatient with Elop’s refusal to offer some kind of Plan B strategy, which could suggest that unless Nokias Lumia range makes significant advances in market share by Q3/Q4, Nokia may well be in the market for joining forces with a new OS.

Nokia ruled out Android a long time ago for various reasons, so potential options for them currently would be Sailfish, Ubuntu or Firefox.   Tizen, BB10 and IOS are all highly unlikely for obvious reasons.

Out of the three, Sailfish would in my mind make the most obvious choice – not only would it make sense in an evolutionary way for Nokia who themselves formerly employed Jolla people directly and designed the N9 which ran the fabled MeeGo operating system, but also in terms of the fact it would work in well with both company’s Finnish identity.   You can bet that all of Finland are backing Jolla, and if Nokia were to branch out and jump ship, it would restore a lot of peoples faith in the Nokia of old – that is a Finnish company drenched with national pride and supported by the entire nation and the rest of Europe.

That being said and most importantly, what do you think of the notion of a potential Jolla/Nokia partnership?  🙂

On a side note, we plan to keep you posted as JollaLoveDay rapidly approaches and will be in Helsinki to cover the event – our thanks goes to Jolla for the kind invitation!  🙂

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