#JollaLoveDay: A Party Is Brewing…

It has been a whirlwind since we touched down in Helsinki late last night to make the start of our journey to meet and join in the celebrations for #JollaLoveDay.

Well we are finally at the hotspot where it’s all going to happen and we’ve been around taking some photos of the event that will unfold later on this evening.

The place looks awesome and is being hosted at Klaus K in central Helsinki.


Jolla have done a great job especially with the ‘other half’ sophisticated street art canvases which adorn the walls of the Living Room @ Klaus K.


Here are a few more shots to get an idea of the vibe here:



Anyway, we must go and try and capture more for you guys as it’s really a hive of activity here!

Thanks again to Jolla for making this all possible and we’ll be back soon with more updates…. Sail On!