Post #JollaLoveDay Critique: Sailfish OS

Okay, i feel I’m on a roll now and slowly getting a few things off my chest post #JollaLoveDay for the benefit of Sailing Onwards.

So now I will do a kind of post analysis on the cherry on the icing or in fact the cake itself which is the Sailfish OS….

Well, in all honesty, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sailfish OS and find it virtually flawless – it is the most intuitive, slick, smooth, innovative OS I have ever had the pleasure of using and is an absolute credit to the Jolla team and their achievements to date.

It is hard to describe in words how great Sailfish is and so I will put up a video at the end for you to see for yourselves.

I have used in great length many different phone OS’s now over the past years including Android, WP8, IOS, Meego Harmattan, Symbian Belle, Maemo 5 and briefly tried BB10, but I can tell you that of all of these, Sailfish impresses me the most (and no I’m not exaggerating).  We did get a chance to have quite a long hands on demo with Sailfish at #JollaLoveDay and this is what I am basing my opinions on – 1st hand experience running on the new Jolla phone.

The Sailfish OS is exactly what someone who is coming from MeeGo/Maemo would hope for (or more) and certainly for anyone thinking of moving to the next level (from eg. IOS/Android) this is what you should aspire to own if you want to take it to the next level.

Sailfish takes the OS experience to the next level because not only is it extremely powerful (like it’s predecessors Maemo/MeeGo), but to top it off it is all packaged up in a supremely beautiful UI which is oh-so-fluid and user-friendly that people moving from Android/IOS wouldn’t help but be impressed by its gesture-based-intuitiveness and fantastic multitasking capabilities.

The live covers are really fantastic and also very functional – for example, Martin gave us a demo of how you could be watching a music video on youtube, you then move to another app but the music from the video will continue to play in the background while you check your notifications or carry out another task. This is just one example of the powerful multitasking Sailfish can offer.

Then there are the innovative live covers themselves which allow you to skip/pause music or view other useful information from the multitasking panes without ever leaving the home screen!

Sailfish: Beautiful New Icons

Sailfish: Beautiful New Icons

For those app-centric peoples coming from IOS/Android, Sailfish also has you covered with its added Myriad compatibility layer which means that you have a multitude of options when trying to source your app of choice – whether that be an android game that you used to enjoy from the ‘jurassic era of mobile’ (jk) or indeed a fully native app available from the Sailfish app store.

As shown in the video below, the app section is in fact available if you swipe right to the bottom of the screen and displays all the different app store information where you can download apps to your hearts content.

I could rattle on about how AMAZING Sailfish is for literally days, but I know you’re probably all really busy and sick of reading my rantings so here’s a nice visual aid courtesy of KickNetwork to spark the imagination:

Thanks for reading and if you would like to know more about Sailfish, please comment below and I will do my best to answer.  😉

Sail On…