Have You Pre-Ordered? Vote To Be Heard!

To help Jolla with the pre-order, one of our readers (Yoyo) suggested we try and find out if there are any reasons holding people back at this early stage from placing a pre-order and joining the Jolla tribe.

Have You Pre-Ordered ?

Have You Pre-Ordered ?

We are assuming that a lot of you who already read this blog have an interest in Jolla and Sailfish and thus in the forthcoming handset and so would be the best group to raise the question and find some answers.

Also, the fact that there is a 0 Euro option in the pre-order should mean there are no imminent financial excuses for at least registering your interest if you like what you see.

So without further ado, here is a poll to try and help Jolla improve the pre-order success rate and get to the bottom of what might be holding any of you back or if indeed there is anything at all:

NB:  If your answer is one of the ‘No’ options, please tell us your specific reasons in the comments below so we can give this feedback to Jolla.