Nokia Users: Why You Should Pre-Order The New Jolla Phone

Where do I start with this, well there are so many many reasons for Nokia users to pre-order the new Jolla phone I’ll begin with where I have come from on my mobile journey.

If like me you have followed the Nokia route; N900, N8, E7, N9, then the Jolla handset is your natural evolution.   You may even be sporting a new Lumia and wondering if there is something else out there that has those ‘missing’ features or functions you so long for (ie. notification centre, multitasking, pure gesture based UI, beautiful integration of social networks etc) – well, again, Sailfish is the OS for you.

Not only will you feel right at home with this powerful Jolla phone when it comes to multitasking, gesture based UI and extras like terminal, if you have come from Maemo/MeeGo, but you will love the options that the ‘other half’ will surely bring which will also no doubt add to the functionality of your new Jolla handset.

One point lacking in the Nokia N900, N9 and even Symbian phones to some extent was the App content… well Jolla have you covered here and whether that entails downloading one of the Sailfish native apps available directly from the Jolla App Store or getting some nice Android apps to run on the Sailfish OS via some special inbuilt magic (Myriad compatibility layer), you will feel a new lease of life after the slightly limited selection of Apps you were used to having available previously with your Nokia phones.

As a massive Nokia fan and someone who has stuck with Nokia (through thick and thin!), in Jolla, I can’t think of a more fitting company to help me continue my love for nicely built, honestly designed technology to take me to the next level of my smartphone adventure… all the while combining a sense of warm nostalgia with cutting edge design, innovation and sophistication.

Jolla are the real deal and having had first hand experience with their new handset, I immediately felt right at home with the Finnish design principles incorporated into this labour of love, which not only looks the part but also shows great balance of form and function; a quality that as a huge Nokia fan I value very highly.

Remember too that a lot of Jolla’s team are ex-Nokians themselves and you can bet they have learned a thing or two from those experiences…  just take a look for yourself and see.

The Jolla2

So with that said, Nokia users unite and come join the Jolla tribe (as I have) because you really don’t want to miss this sweet piece of  Finnish pie, but make haste because time is ticking!

It’s really easy to sign up and doesn’t even have to cost a penny to register your interest, so go and show Jolla some of your love and in return they’ll give you some of theirs.

Sail On…