Sailfish OS: Apps A-GO-GO

With the huge amount of interest that Jolla and the Sailfish OS is receiving, it’s natural that developers are starting to mobilise, getting ready for the forthcoming release later this year.

The maemo community have started a great thread where they are gathering feedback on which native apps you would like to see ported to Sailfish.

You can read and contribute to the thread here:

Also an unofficial native app collection has already started accumulating at the GitHub site, with some big titles like the ever popular Tweetian and GPodder titles already available for download.

Not forgetting all the great Android titles that will be able to run on Sailfish’s inbuilt compatibility layer, in terms of Apps, Sailfish’s future is looking very rosy indeed!

Pre-orders are flying in and we are still awaiting confirmation on the final date the pre-order will close…

So in the meantime, head on over to and if you like what you see, get in quick to avoid disappointment!

Sail On…