Would a QWERTY ‘other half’ really float your boat? All In favour say ‘Aye’!

A common topic we seem to run into virtually on a daily basis here at Jollatides, is that of the elusive QWERTY other half, or at least the potential for it making an appearance as an add-on for the new Jolla handset.

There are people it would seem – perhaps maybe a vocal minority – who have not pre-ordered the new Jolla handset purely based on the fact that there is still no solid information available yet as to whether we might see such an add-on in future.  These are the folk that will accept no compromise – it’s either QWERTY or go home.

But there is also indeed the folk (like me) who while don’t see a physical QWERTY as the ‘be all and end all’ to prevent me from purchasing the Jolla handset, would certainly buy into it as a peripheral if the option existed – these folk probably represent a far larger passive majority group.

Without a doubt, what does seem clear however from reading around the blogosphere, is that there are generally a lot of disenchanted QWERTY fans out there that since the seeming death of these devices (especially in Europe), are crying out for a handset that continues on from the likes of the Nokia N900, N950, E7 ie. landscape QWERTY.

Nokia N950: The MeeGo Handset That Never Was

Nokia N950: The MeeGo Handset That Never Was…

The question still remains though is there a big enough demand for such an add-on in the form of ‘the other half’, and if so, would it be something that Jolla would be open to offering us?  This question will no doubt rest on how the pre-order sales went for Jolla.

From previous tweets, I get the distinct impression that Jolla are still going with the mantra ‘anything’s possible’, but not yet ready to fully commit or at least talk about it openly – certainly not at least until the new Jolla handset starts gathering some momentum upon its full public release later this year/early 2014.

Of course there is also the possible option that some 3rd party hardware developer could work alongside Jolla to bring the QWERTY other half to market, if indeed, Jolla weren’t going to pursue it as an option themselves.

To all the QWERTY fans out there, I’d like to get your feedback right here:  is a physical QWERTY option something that you absolutely cannot live without or is it just a feature that is desirable without being an absolute necessity ?

I for one think, as I have posted many times before, that a QWERTY other half option for the new Jolla handset would truly set it apart from all the rest.  If Jolla want to create a USP, this is what I think they should go for as early as possible to project their ‘transformable’ handset into the mindshare of the many potential Sailors out there.  A handset which is adaptable to situation and running the unique Sailfish OS would give Jolla an even greater chance to set themselves apart from the competition.

In fact, furthermore I think that if they are planning on implementing such a concept, they should start shouting about it now, because if they get in the mindshare department early on before anyone else, they will have the attention of many people long after the time it takes another manufacturer to jump on the ‘adaptable QWERTY’ * band wagon: ‘I am the first’.

It is frustrating that we don’t get more in the way of updates or progress reports lately, but this is generally for a very good reason, after all plagiarism is rife in the mobile handset space.

So for now, in lieu of any finer details direct from the horses mouth, all those in favour of a QWERTY other half concept, say ‘Aye’ – let’s have our voices heard right now or forever hold your peace!  🙂

Sail On….

* For those who don’t follow this blog regularly, the dream for many here is to have a Jolla handset that can attach a QWERTY keyboard if for example you require some more muscle in the typing dept. or just want full view of the screen while you type without the onscreen keyboard distorting your view.  Of course the QWERTY add-on (other half) could be removed and replaced with a standard back plate other half if you just require the handset in ‘phone’ only mode.