“Jolla” Is Outside The Building

Yes it’s official, Jolla have branded the outside of their Helsinki Office building with their ‘signature’ Jolla logo and doesn’t it look like it was just always mean’t to be!

Jolla stamp the building at their Helsinki Office

Jolla stamp the building at their Helsinki Office

This marks a momentous occasion for Jolla who have been busy beavering away in their Helsinki Office many months now and can finally glance up after a long day with a feeling of tremendous pride for their achievements thus far, knowing that, with this recent news and their 1st pre-booking successes, one of the main sails has truly been set.

The recent success of their 1st pre-order being a sell-out, their wonderful open methods of communication with the community and their very mission and passion for bringing us something UNLIKE the rest, show that by listening to the people that count, Jolla are a company who are en route to great things.

Considering that this very same office space was once home to the Nokia R&D team responsible for the Maemo/MeeGo projects, where some of the Jolla team originally hailed from, this “official stamp” proudly highlighted in Finland’s capital, marks another significant point in their journey.   The journey of a small dinghy that set sail from the ashes of a burning platform in the middle of the sea with a huge task ahead of them, fraught with riptides, huge waves and bigger fish, but that – against the odds – have come out strong, and one step at a time are proving size isn’t everything when you’re harnessing the fastest fish in the sea = Sailfish.

For that once-small dinghy, Jolla continue gathering pace at a tremendous rate of knots and it is exhilarating to report as their journey unfolds, as they organically evolve into the mighty Galleon that will one day soon, hold its own in an ocean full of competition.

Long live Jolla!