Reminder: SmartDevCon Live Stream David Greaves In 30 Mins

As we reported a few days ago some of the Jolla crew are going to be at SmartDevCon over the next few days.

SmartDevCon have recently set up a live stream of the event which can be found here:

Here’s also a reminder of Jolla’s schedule which is obviously set at Polish standard time.

Thursday 12th September


Sailfish & Mer? Oh, no, not another one!

David Greaves

Saturday 14th September


Developing applications for Jolla’s Sailfish OS

Vesa-Matti Hartikainen

David Greaves should be on in around half an hour (15:45 Polish time) so make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy. 🙂

Obviously Vesa-Matti should be on the live stream on Saturday which may be easier for a lot of folk to see live being the weekend and all.

Let’s hope we get to see a few flashes of the latest Jolla phone build and maybe some more of the Sailfish UI in these presentations with any luck! 🙂

Sail On…