Other Half: Concept Ideas To Jolt The Imagination!

Twitter user Caprico has posted some rather inspiring visual concepts on what could be done with the Jolla phones ‘limited by the imagination only’ prospect – AKA: the other half.

The other half opens the doors to any 3rd party manufacturer to take advantage of the many different connectivity options available to be utilised, including NFC; Power In/Out and I2C data connectivity.

So the doors are open for any entrepreneurial engineering types out there and Jolla have confirmed via a tweet that it is open to whomever whether you are a bedroom electronics tinkerer or a fully fledged electronics manufacturer:

So let the imagination run wild and feel free to take some inspiration from some of the concept ideas as shown below in which we can see other half modules in the forms of: a camera; windscreen mount; xtra battery/storage; HWKB; gamepad.

The Other Half: Sky's the limit!

The Other Half: Sky’s the limit!

I’m personally loving some of these concepts and really really love the modular design principles that make the Jolla phone a future proof device with potentially limitless hardware upgrades in terms of feature add-ons.

On the subject of other halves, the HWKB (and the gamepad) renders in the image above look decidedly fetching and I’m seriously getting QWERTY-ITIS all over again (sorry guys!) – but seriously is there anyone who doesn’t think it would add so much functionality to the Jolla handset when you need that extra tactile power?

Jolla have once again confirmed (what we already knew), which is that the floodgates are indeed operable and open for getting a HWKB other half released – we’re assuming that the I2C connector would be utilised to great affect in this instance!  If anyone  has already started work on this please contact me at your earliest convenience – I’ll be more than willing to be a guinea pig volunteer beta tester!  😉

So get inspired, go create and come back here when you’re finished… and like I said we are available as guinea pig beta testers if you need some real world testing/reviews done and will happily waive the usual fee for our services! 🙂