Jolla: Final Specs Revealed

Jolla have recently posted on their official website the final completed specs of the Jolla handset. 🙂


Some of the specs we already knew, but there are quite a few nice surprises and finer details revealed here.

The RGB led indicator will please many assuming that this will be used to great affect for alerting the user of incoming notifications and other useful information such as charging indicator.

The inclusion of the latest Bluetooth 4.0 protocol with it’s superior power management is another bonus.

The 6-point multi-touch Gorilla glass-laden screen will make for a nice robust front finish while the aluminium frame surround should provide added toughness to the overall design.


The dimensions make an interesting read especially the “depth” or thickness which, even with the other half in tow, is a respectable 9.9mm.

The weight (and overall size) is comparable to many other recent smartphones of 2013 including this Sony Xperia, LG Optimus GJ and the Asus Padfone Infinity to name a few.

The dual core 1.4GHz processor combined with 1GB RAM running on a Snapdragon chipset are most probably comparable to the recently announced HTC One Mini.

However, unlike the HTC One Mini, the Jolla handset benefits from a higher capacity user-replaceable battery (2100mah vs 1800mah non replaceable), added NFC (yes vs none), better FF camera (2mp vs 1.6mp), an SD card slot (yes vs none) and of course Sailfish!

The I2C connectivity and power in/out remains one of the outstanding features of the Jolla handset which will allow users to add different other half’s as they become available opening possibilities for all kinds of different hardware peripheral attachments in the future.

The Other Half: Sky's the limit!

The Other Half: Sky’s the limit!

Confirmation of compatibility of use in 6 of the 7 continents of the world means that hardly anyone will be left out in terms of network potential… unless of course you live in Antarctica where we’re assuming Jolla did some research and figured that emperor penguins, whilst heavily anthropomorphised will not be needing a smartphone any time soon!

Of course the cherry on the proverbial icing is that the Jolla handset will be the only handset in existence (currently) fully loaded with the Sailfish OS which brings the original, highly regarded MeeGo OS up to speed with Jolla’s own take on the open source swipe-based user interface.

The pre-order is still currently open to residents of Finland for the time being (will be open to more countries soon) so make sure to get in there quickly to avoid disappointment!

Would love to hear your thoughts on these final detailed specifications –

Sail On…