Other Half: Lets Prioritise!

Okay guys I’ve been busy running through some old articles to collate some of the most popular ‘other half’ ideas with the intention of eventually putting the ideas to a vote.

With so many possible ideas for the other half (virtually limitless), this would be a good exercise to prioritise on the needs of people, and most of these ideas have come from you guys so thanks for being such an inventive lot!

I’ve listed your ideas below and I would invite you to add any other ideas you have in the comments if I’ve missed something so I can add them before the end of the weekend.

After that, we’ll have a poll next week to narrow it down to the top 10 from this batch and after that run a final vote on the top 10 to see what people think.

Okay here’s my list so far that is subject to change (the first few are inspired by Caprico’s great concept renders below):

The Other Half: Sky's the limit!

The Other Half: Sky’s the limit!

  1. Windscreen mount: With inbuilt wireless charger and fm transmitter)
  2. Extra storage/battery: eg. 200GB flash; 3000mah
  3. Portrait Slider keyboard: Full Qwerty/Azerty/Qwertz/Cyrillic etc variants
  4. Landscape Slider keyboard: Full Qwerty/Azerty/Qwertz/Cyrillic etc variants
  5. Landscape Slider gamepad: Gamepad for playing your favourite emulators
  6. Wireless charger: Just simple normal sized back plate with wireless charging inbuilt
  7. Presentation:  Laser pointer, IR, Extra battery and storage
  8. Multimedia: Better Speakers, IR, FM TX, Battery
  9. E-ink display: Additional low power e-ink display either fold out or slider.
  10. LCD fold out display: Doubles as screen protector when closed like clam shell. Extra fold out touchscreen which could be used for eg. full sized touchscreen keyboard
  11. Solar charger: Trickle solar charger on rear
  12. Medic Half:  ECG, blood pressure, pulse, temperature and other vitals you can think of.
  13. Waterproof half: Two parts make the phone water resistant (IP-7/8) but still make the phone work a 100%.  Possible but needs some clever engineering so might be costly.
  14. Scanner half: Scan documents on the go (nicer then a pic in some cases.)
  15. Security half: Fingerprint scanner/ drawpad for signing stuff.
  16. Dual Sim Half: Dual sim half adds an extra sim slot where you can integrate second GSM radio and use it to make calls and send messages and cellular data.  With extra battery.
  17. Rugged Outdoor half: With rangefinder, thermometer, altitude meter and barometer. (Maybe even communication radio)
  18. Magnet half:  For quick and convenient holding in for example the car
  19. Flip up landscape screen cover/stand:  like an extra “door” that protects the screen when not in use, like a book.  Doubles as a stand, but transparent so you can still view screen.
  20. Bicycle handlebar mount: With wireless charging capability via pedal power or electric bike battery.  Charging via an external battery or dynohub & something like B&M’s USBWerk. A waterproof top cover would also be handy.
  21. Recording studio: Phantom powered analog XLR-i/o with 24bit/96khz quality, ADAT-i/o, 2 x MIDI I/O.
  22. Expansion-half: PCMCIA and express-card slot with extra battery
  23. Audiophile half:  Transform your phone into the best sounding portable audio device. The other half includes a dedicated DAC and Amp combo, capable of outputting the most pristine sound, and also capable of driving full sized cans, to super sensitive IEMs. Of course, it also includes extra battery for those long listening sessions.
  24. Alcohol-tester half: Inbuilt breathalyser. Calls for a taxi automatically to your GPS location when you are too drunk to drive a car yourself.
  25. Home integration half – home entertainment, environment/thermostat(Nest), home security.
  26. “Ambience”: white translucent “other half” with led to display the screen ” Ambience” and notifications by flashing.
  27. “Fashion”: costumization for persons, artists and companies (name, logo, colours, design) and/or access to specific features or online services (payments, bank, music, games, movies, news, guidance, encryption, files, storage…) ;
  28. Camping Half:  large battery + solar panel + 2x full size USB sockets to charge other (small) devices with such as a GARMIN.  USB for charging only.
  29. Night Out Half: slots for credit card + door key + paper currency
  30. Sport Half: Big Battery + GPS chipset & ANT+ chipset to pair with a heart rate chest straps
  31. Diabetic Half:  Blood sugar tester + contacts to touch to measure your heart rate and blood pressure
  32. Privacy half – Prevents any app to send any information before user confirmation
  33. Makeup half – Outside: plain mirror, inside: magnifying mirror with led-lights on sides
  34. Infrared controller: so you could just slip the cover on, select your primary tv, video etc. brand(s) and model(s) and use your mobile as an remote controller. For tv there should be possibility to choose which online source to use as tv guide. In Finland iltapulu.fi is great.
  35. Polaroid-half. it will be cool to print out your photos immediately. actually you can sell some films by this half because it is hard to find films for polaroid cameras
  36. Arduino half:  The back of the half is a breadboard with Arduino pins broken out to easily connect any kind of hardware to the phone.  A great hobby electronics half. If the Arduino IDE can run on the Jolla you have a full electronics development platform in your pocket!
  37. Battery half: Simple battery half with many colour options.  Ideally option to be stackable so could benefit from other ‘other halves’.
  38. Satellite Phone:  Satellite phone half for eg. emergency calls where there is no network coverage (would be very costly though)
  39. Fingerprint scanner: Add an extra layer of security only unlockable with a pre-determined fingerprint (or nipple!)  SEE no.19 – the same concept
  40. Car diagnostic half: To link up to car/van/truck and communicate with onboard computer.
  41. LED/laser light show half: LED’s pulsate and also could project laser light show to the beat of music/video or other sounds.  Added bonus – extra speakers.
  42. Racecar/F1 half:  Control 2 engines via i2c, headlight LEDs, engine sounds, EPIC. Maybe even use the camera with some software to track a line!
  43. Camera Grip Half: Large shutter button, wrist strap, tripod fix and sliding lens cover, with programmable functions. Slide lens cover open to activate camera, protects camera lens when closed.  Lens slider could be programmed (like in N900) to eg. turn flashlight (LED) on or start other programmable functions.
  44. Secure encryption half:  A hardware assisted encryption ASIC to provided end to end secure encryption to keep governments and criminals out of your private business.
  45. Retro Rotary Dial half: Because “Dialling” by selecting names from a phone book is soooo 2012!
  46. Robot other half: A tiny robotic other half? Something a bit like romotive’s Romo would be nice.  http://romotive.com/
  47. GKOS keyboard half:  A special chording keyboard for full aphanumeric text entry; see http://gkos.com
  48. Senior Other Half: with t-coil output and alert button.
  49. AAA battery half: This other half allows you to fit easy to find AAA batteries to power the Jolla in times of need.
  50. Dedicated phone button and camera button half: provides additional buttons to answer/end calls and to start camera and take photos.
  51. Surveyors(spatial)/pro golf (distance finder) toolbox half:  that includes a good GPS chip, ultrasonic distance measuring laser distance finder, thermal infra-red reader (with s/w for user defined object emissivity) and powerful laser pointer. A chip like the u-blox LEA-6 will allow < 1m accuracy and with a simple base station, Real Time Kinematic will be possible (30mm) using the opensource (c++) http://www.rtklib.com/
  52. Full-size PC keyboard other half:  With dock for Jolla phone, uses handset micro usb to connect peripherals. Internal battery and space for mass memories inside keyboard.
  53. N900 other half:  Adds slider QWERTY, IR, FM TX, kickstand and other features we miss from N900.
  54. Portrait Stand Half:  A very neat fold up portrait stand for your Jolla that also covers the screen when not in use.
  55. Transparent back card holder half:  Turn the back of your Jolla handset it to a windowed sleeve for storing/showing your driving license, ferry pass or others.


Like I said, have a scan through and if you see something missing or would like to correct something, just let me know in the comments.  This is the list (so far) that will be put to the first vote next week – I know there seems to be a lot of ideas here because I tried to include as many as possible from you guys but don’t worry we’ll narrow it down later.

After the first preliminary vote, then we’ll go to the final poll on the final 10 shortlist.

Thanks! 🙂

9/10 UPDATE:  With some help from Jolla, Joerg, Shane, Egon and the Maemo community I’ve edited the list down a bit from the original to get more realistic concepts.  Just going to run a few more crosschecks with some people and then we’ll put it to a vote! 😉

Sorry I forgot to put original image source: @capricotwi04