Open Letter From Jolla Co-Founder: Stefano Mosconi

Hi Guys – I’ve just finished reading yet another inspiring piece – this time directly from Jolla Co-Founder and CTO Stefano Mosconi.

The letter is written to all of us… that is the Jolla community and it is really nice to hear what Stefano has to say.

I’ll include a few quotes here for you and urge you to read it for yourselves. 😉

On the topic of ‘openness’ or at least the perception of it, Stefano writes the following:

Being open is not about telling all what we think and do exactly when we think and do that. Everything and right away. It would just be insane from any kind of perspective. It could disrupt all the innovation we are having, other companies might copy us, investors might not invest in the company anymore, customers and partners might feel betrayed and so on.

Something that has always set Jolla apart from other companies is their willingness to work with their fans and the communities.

Yes we do listen and we do care about what you guys think and say and regardless what you think we change or try as much as we can to change plans based on the feedback you give us. And we respect you enough to answer you (on twitter or wherever else).

That’s why we care about communities that follow us. You are our customers, our research department and our feedback loop into real life.

Another interesting point Stefano raises is that of the size of Jolla as a company – the statistics he mentions certainly puts Jolla into perspective against other handset manufacturers:

compare us to all the major phone manufacturers of the world. HTC has 16K employees. Nokia 97K. Sony 146K. LG 220K. Samsung 425K. We are 80 (no Ks here, just 80). And we are doing an OS and a phone. We are so tiny that our company is probably the size of the cleaning department in any of the companies mentioned above.

He goes on to talk about the specs and the importance of considering the whole package and not just focussing on one element:

Pumping up the specs is easy, working on a beautiful user experience is the hard part. Putting that beautiful experience in a great industrial design so that SW and HW become a unique PRODUCT is not something that a lot of companies can do. And that’s what we are focusing on at Jolla.

He finishes by thanking the communities:

Finally I want to thank you.

Thanks, keep being critic, keep us in line, push Jolla to do the best it can, don’t buy the device if you don’t want but keep talking with and about us. We are all human beings, we can make great things but we can make them only together. We can fail miserably as well, but only if we don’t listen to the signals that the world is sending us.

Anyway, just thought I’d give you a heads up if as a Jolla fan, you’re after something nice to read on a Sunday evening and thank you to Stefano for writing this nice article to all of us.:-)

Sail On…