Jolla: Weekly News Roundup

There have been a number of articles/videos relating to Jolla published over the past week which I’d like to draw your attention to.

The first being a recent CNBC Squawk Real Time interview with CEO Tomi Pienimaki talking about Jolla and the Sailfish OS posted by @JollaSuomi.


Tomi Visits The CNBC Studios

In the short interview, Tomi answers questions from the CNBC panel and you can see it for yourself here:

Next up we have a really nice new hands on video by (tipped by one of our commenters Torcida), who show off some elements of Sailfish we haven’t seen before.

The demonstration/hands on shows off the browser in action and a good working glimpse of the onscreen keyboard which we’ve also been eager to see in operation. handson

Sailfish Hands On: Shows Browser Functionality

For more, go and have a look at the video here:

Our friends Jolla Suomi have been very busy as usual and have had the chance to do an interview with Marc Dillon!

The interview is conducted in English and provides a nice background on the former CEO.

For the full interview transcript, you can read it here:

Jolla Suomi Interviews Marc Dillon

Jolla Suomi Interviews Marc Dillon

Finally, we also hear straight from the horses mouth that it is already snowing in Finland (wasn’t it summer only the other day!?)

While the snow may continue to fall in Finland, I don’t mind what colour Christmas we have as long as it’s a “Jolly” one (if there’s a choice, I wouldn’t mind black, grey, white, dark blue… heck I’ll take just about any with the exception of pink!).

Which Colour Of The Jolla Rainbow Are You Dreaming Of ?

Which Colour Of The Jolla Rainbow Are You Dreaming Of This Christmas ?

Thanks and Sail On…

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