Gigaom Interview With Jussi Hurmola

Jussi has been doing the rounds it would seem (is there something in the air?) and Gigaom conducted another recent interview with Jolla’s CEO of which there are some excerpts below for discussion. Please… Continue reading

Another N9 Copycat Alert! NOT. EDITED

Before reading further, please realise the facts have changed here and if you go down towards the bottom of the article you will read the update on this.  Thanks. Further to my recent… Continue reading

Wild Speculation Post #1 (Elephant in the Room?)

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been dwelling over one of the answers Jussi gave in our recent interview: In the first phase, we are providing an independent alternative into which we… Continue reading

Jolla: The Next Big Thing in Smartphone Innovation ?

Jolla have taken the mobile phone world by storm with their announcements and if words alone are anything to go by, they will be the next big thing.  But don’t just take my word… Continue reading

September 2012: Interview with Jolla CEO Jussi Hurmola

Fresh off the press, after promising to interview Jussi Hurmola (CEO for Jolla Ltd), here is the transcript below which helps provide an up to date view of where Jolla are right now.… Continue reading

Jolla confirms still on target for 2012

  Having recently spoken with a Jolla spokesperson, the company appear to still be on track for showing a handset in 2012. According to the spokesperson: “Our plans so far haven’t changed –… Continue reading

Jolla + ACL = Setting the Record Straight

Having read a lot of conflicting articles with the large majority of sites writing that Jolla will be going with ACL (for anyone who doesn’t know, ACL is one specific system which allows… Continue reading

Post-N900 “AFTERMATH”: Where Can We Go From Here?

Since my Nokia N900, I have been on a mission, a mission which has probably been going on for the last year or so to find a handset that at least equals the… Continue reading

My Dream Jolla Mobile Handset: With Detachable Modular Slide Out QWERTY

Image slightly edited from original and design used with courtesy of original Nokia N9-01 concept design by the bootroo. Check out more great MeeGo concept phones at mynokiablog. They say we can dream… Continue reading


Quotes for discussion taken from original interview with kind permission from INTOMOBILE – please click here for the interview in full. Audio link to original interview available here: Here are a few more comments on other parts… Continue reading