Quotes for discussion taken from original interview with kind permission from INTOMOBILE – please click here for the interview in full. Audio link to original interview available here: Okay onto some of… Continue reading

NitDroid Alpha Release #4 “Despite” Video Demo

Looking Sweet…

Android 4.0.4_r2.1 (ICS) for Nokia N9. Alpha Release #4 “Despite”

The Nitdroid team have released their 4th update to Nitdroid which allows the Nokia N9 to dual boot to either the original MeeGo Harmattan OS or to Android ICS. Further information available at… Continue reading

Nokia has not ‘gifted’ MeeGo patents as originally reported by ItViikko

Reports by Finnish based ItVikko laid claims that Nokia had gifted the linux-based OS meeGo patents to startup company Jolla Mobile who have been supported by Nokia in the company’s bridge program. This… Continue reading

Jolla CEO talks about Nokia Bridge Program

In a revealing interview on Finnish TV, Jolla Mobile’s CEO Jussi Hurmola discussed future plans for moving forward with Jolla Mobile. From dissecting various sources, it appears that Jolla Mobile, the startup which… Continue reading

MeeGo Team to continue(!): enter Jolla

Jolla Mobile have been born in the wake of key Maemo/MeeGo developers leaving Nokia.   This definitely is the best news I have had all year!!! The company is a startup with 50 employees… Continue reading

Bad Day: Maemo/MeeGo team have left the building… :-(

The good developers of Maemo/MeeGo for the Nokia N9/N900 have now officially left Nokia…. I’m finding it hard to get through the day. They have left us with some amazing handsets which I… Continue reading

Nokia N9 gets PR1.3 update!

For Nokia N9 owners and fans this is fantastic news! Updates have been quite staggered between different countries, but I can report that my device (EU) has had its update OTA last week.… Continue reading