Jolla: Confirms Onscreen Keyboard Details

In another day with a lot going on in terms of news, with Jolla taking to the stage earlier, it appears we have also had some more important info leak from the Oracle… Continue reading

MindTrek: Marc Dillon On Stage During the Openmind Sessions

I’m not sure if many of you know, but Marc Dillon has been presenting this afternoon for the Openmind 2013 session @ Mindtrek, Tampere, Finland. Mindtrek is an “international three-day forum about the… Continue reading

Jolla: Final Specs Revealed

Jolla have recently posted on their official website the final completed specs of the Jolla handset. 🙂 Some of the specs we already knew, but there are quite a few nice surprises and finer details… Continue reading

Related News: Open Symbian; Neo900

In related news, it appears that there have been a few other newsworthy topics to discuss for us open source fans out there which I’d like to impart. The first is a push… Continue reading

Jolla Handset: Night Shot Revealed

Antti Saarnio posted yesterday some new photos taken with his Jolla phone using the camera in normal mode and in night mode revealing some pretty decent results! These are the very first leaked… Continue reading

Other Half: Concept Ideas To Jolt The Imagination!

Twitter user Caprico has posted some rather inspiring visual concepts on what could be done with the Jolla phones ‘limited by the imagination only’ prospect – AKA: the other half. For you @JollaHQ… Continue reading

Sailfish: New Demo With Marc Dillon

Here’s the latest demo from Jolla showing off a few more features in the Sailfish OS. In the video we can see that ambience brings some more customisability in the form of altering… Continue reading

Jolla: Specs Updated Further

It looks like the Jolla website has been fully updated to reflect all the changes in more detail. Scroll down the page and you’ll find more specs revealed as you venture further down… Continue reading

Sailfish: New Video Demo

Following on from recent news, we have found a nice little demo (in Finnish) of the new Jolla handset which we hope you enjoy! Sail On!

Poll: Are You A Pixel Peeper ?

Our most recent post here has caused quite a knee jerk reaction regarding the recently revealed screen specs of the Jolla handset. It seems people are divided over the recently revealed information with… Continue reading