Jolla: Specs Updated, Pre-Order and Other News!

Since the recent press release from a few days ago, more news has been coming thick and fast about the new Jolla phone! Starting with some new spec information that has appeared on… Continue reading

Jolla Press Release: 16/09/13

Sailfish OS achieves compatibility with Android ecosystem HELSINKI – September 16, 2013. Sailfish OS has achieved a major milestone whereby the OS is now compatible with the AndroidTM ecosystem, in terms of application… Continue reading

Reminder: SmartDevCon Live Stream David Greaves In 30 Mins

As we reported a few days ago some of the Jolla crew are going to be at SmartDevCon over the next few days. SmartDevCon have recently set up a live stream of the… Continue reading

Sailfish: Wine Cellar ‘Alpha’ App Demo

Speaking of apps, Sailfish Dev has recently shown off a new video of his ‘Wine Cellar’ app which is currently in alpha release state. The app looks to provide useful information (price, rating,… Continue reading

11 High Priority Apps For Sailfish

There are a few apps that are deemed almost imperative for an ecosystem to survive in this day and age – they are what we might call the umbrella apps that have a… Continue reading

SmartDevCon: Katowice, Poland, September 12th-14th, 2013

Both David Greaves and Vesa Matti from Jolla will be speaking at this years SmartDevCon, held in Katowice, Poland between 12th-14th September next week. Not only are Jolla platinum sponsors for the event,… Continue reading

Marc Dillon: Teases Latest Prototype Build

It appears that the latest Jolla prototype has just reached the hands of Jolla’s head of software development, Marc Dillon, who was proudly showing it off on Twitter yesterday evening. Marc who was… Continue reading

All You Need To Know: Porting MeeGo Harmattan Apps To Sailfish

For anyone in the ‘app making game’, this is just a quick post with a few links in case you were looking to port any existing MeeGo Harmattan apps (Nokia N9) ready for… Continue reading

Jolla Chairman, Antti Saarnio Confirms Christmas Arrival ?

Just to answer an earlier post where we asked whether the pre-order handsets would arrive in time for Christmas 2013, it appears that Jolla’s Chairman Antti Saarnio has possibly answered our question in a… Continue reading

The End Of Nokia As We Know It…

Wowee – I’ve spent this morning frantically reading around all the latest news on Microsoft’s recent announcement for acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services division trying to make head and tail of the… Continue reading