I’m Dreaming Of A ^insert Jolla colour of choice^ Christmas…

Since I made the Jolla pre-order back in May, I’ve been trying to regulate excitement levels over the months that have followed knowing that it was always going to be a very long,… Continue reading

HTC: Ideal Partner Potential For Jolla ?

Some interesting news today has surfaced that flailing Taiwanese handset maker HTC are looking to gain market share in China which is currently dominated by Samsung (who hold a 19.4% share in the Chinese… Continue reading

“Jolla” Is Outside The Building

Yes it’s official, Jolla have branded the outside of their Helsinki Office building with their ‘signature’ Jolla logo and doesn’t it look like it was just always mean’t to be! This marks a… Continue reading

N900: Resuscitated, Rejuvenated, Reborn

Having got to the point where my N900 had become completely unusable, over the past week I’ve been on an enlightening spree (mainly centred around to see if there was anything I… Continue reading

All Those In Favour Of A Different Other Half: #WeDon’tWantQwerty

Further to a comment from Shane on the boards earlier, and having given all you tactile nuts a soap box to tell us why you want a QWERTY other half, in the interest of… Continue reading

Jolla: Slight Changes To Handset Design

Here is some exciting design related news picked up by sharp readers/commentators Olivier and Thoke. From the images below it is evident for all to see that Jolla have indeed been busy beavering… Continue reading

Jolla Press Release: 21/08/13

  The first production batch of Jolla smartphones fully booked with demand from 136 countries Helsinki – 21 August, 2013. The first production batch of Jolla smartphones has been fully booked by consumers… Continue reading

Vesa Matti: Qwerty Is Technically A Possibility

Further to a comment made by Andre in the qwerty post of a few days ago, he reminded all of us sleepy summer holiday types that Jolla Developer, Vesa Matti made some interesting revelations… Continue reading

Ubuntu Edge: Too Ambitious ?

It’s been over 3 weeks now since Canonical first opened up their crowd sourcing strategy in an attempt to get the very first Ubuntu Touch handset released to those who wanted it badly… Continue reading

Would a QWERTY ‘other half’ really float your boat? All In favour say ‘Aye’!

A common topic we seem to run into virtually on a daily basis here at Jollatides, is that of the elusive QWERTY other half, or at least the potential for it making an… Continue reading