Get Creative: Jolla Dry T-Shirt Competition

With the recent arrival of our own new Jolla t-shirt, it’s time to notify you all (in case you missed it) of a competition that Jolla are running for those who have received… Continue reading

Exciting Times: ‘I Am The First One’ T-Shirt Arrives!

Yesterday morning, a little parcel arrived for us in the mail from Finland… We couldn’t contain our excitement when out popped our ‘I Am The First’ t-shirt from Jolla along with a few… Continue reading

Nixie Pixel: backs Sailfish as the best new open source platform

Everyone’s new favourite Youtube tech commentator, Nixie Pixel has – after analysing all the new up and coming open source mobile operating systems – put Jolla’s Sailfish OS at the forefront of the… Continue reading

Rants Of A Frustrated Smartphone User

Okay I’m really fed up, in fact I’ve been seriously frustrated for a while now and no matter where I turn, or what I try, to coin the Rolling Stones (AKA: Strolling Bones),… Continue reading

What Is Jolla To You?

A really nice little teaser video has popped up on Jolla’s YouTube channel in the last 24hrs: So what is Jolla to you ? To me Jolla represents hope, choice and freedom. If… Continue reading

Final Feedback: Hardware Aesthetics

Since spending a good amount of time with Jolla’s Chief Designer Martin, I have been meaning to put fingers to keyboard on this topic for a while now since #JollaLoveDay and just thought… Continue reading

ZdNet: Pre-Sales Reach 118 Countries Worldwide

There have been a few more interesting news articles published recently that we need to catch up on… This first one is an interview/article with CEO Tomi Pienimaki published by ZDNet suggesting that… Continue reading

Official Press Release: DNA Exclusive

DNA to launch the Jolla smartphone as the first operator in the world   This year, DNA will launch the Jolla smart phone based on the Sailfish operating system in Finland. DNA will… Continue reading

Wall Street Journal: Jolla Sets Sights On Big Two

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) interviewed Jolla a few days ago with a video entitled “Finland’s Jolla Phone Aims to Compete With Apple, Samsung”. Jolla Chairman, Antii Saarnio is the interviewee and responds… Continue reading

Main Jolla Website: Refreshed

It appears that Jolla have acted on one of the issues we felt important – that being the pre-order system which seemed a little bit over complicated. Jolla = a company that listens… Continue reading