Blog Migration: Final Phase

Just to inform anyone reading this that we are in the process of completing the final migration phase. This will mean that hopefully by tomorrow, both the blog and community port should be… Continue reading

New Revised Site: Important Please Read

Hello Sailors! Over the past few weeks we have been readying ourselves for a migrate in order to help sustain our growing community. The new site can be found over at – you’ll… Continue reading

Jolla: Weekly News Roundup V2

The news has been rolling in over the last week, but unfortunately we’ve been quite engaged in other affairs so please accept my apologies and another weekly update to bring us back up… Continue reading

Jolla: Weekly News Roundup

There have been a number of articles/videos relating to Jolla published over the past week which I’d like to draw your attention to. The first being a recent CNBC Squawk Real Time interview… Continue reading

Sailfish: The App Story To Date

Sorry for my lapse this last week but I have had the usual winter bug kick in unfortunately. 😦 There are a few things to catch up on, and the first is some… Continue reading

Music Library App: An Introduction

SailDev has been working very hard on a new app for Sailfish, and while it’s still not completely finished yet, he wanted us to put a video up so you could get a… Continue reading

Video: Sailfish UI Features Explained By Jolla Users

Just a quick post to point you to a really nicely produced compilation video by JollaUsers. The video serves to explain some of the great unique features and attributes of the Sailfish OS… Continue reading

Open Letter From Jolla Co-Founder: Stefano Mosconi

Hi Guys – I’ve just finished reading yet another inspiring piece – this time directly from Jolla Co-Founder and CTO Stefano Mosconi. The letter is written to all of us… that is the… Continue reading

Symbiosis: Nokia, Finland And The Rise Of Jolla

I have just finished reading probably THE most thought-provoking story about Nokia that I have read in some time, which really illustrates the symbiotic relationships that have existed through the years between Nokia,… Continue reading

Other Half: Lets Prioritise!

Okay guys I’ve been busy running through some old articles to collate some of the most popular ‘other half’ ideas with the intention of eventually putting the ideas to a vote. With so… Continue reading